There will be no regional competitions this coming year. All submissions will be judged ONLINE to qualify for nationals. Refer to video submissions below.

Video Submissions

Submissions will be open from November 1, 2016 until till December 31, 2016 11:59pm with announcements being made February 15th, 2017 to allow enough time to purchase reasonable priced tickets and raise funds. Nationals will be held June 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

All applicants will need to send in a 3 – 4 minute video of your best ability and choose the categories they are applying for as well as the Province that they will be representing (you must reside in said Province). You may use the same video for more than one category if it’s appropriate.

Doubles have 5 minutes for submission videos.

Videos will all need to be uploaded to VMEO this year to avoid copyright issues.

Move Caps will be applied to the application videos.

Application videos must be in full costume and hair. Treat this like your live provincial. Video must be taped in a studio with two poles, one static and one spin. (Unless the category does not call for both, i.e. Doubles.)

Video submissions will be separated by Province and will have 3 qualified judges for each province. Judges will be paid a nominal fee. Judges will be listed online, once selected.

Application fee is $99.

Disqualifications and Fines

There will be fine of $250 plus disqualification if you are found to be sandbagging (choosing a division that you know you are higher level than, in order to win a title).

There is a $500 fine this year for backing out without a doctor’s note. So, if you win your spot at Nationals and you accept your invitation but pull out after that, you will be fined. You will not be able to compete again with the CPFA if do not pay your fine.

Important Information

The top two from each Province from each category will be chosen to compete at Nationals. A third may be chosen if they are within two points of second place)

There will be a cash prizes for Semi-Pro and Professional this year (amount to be determined by number of applications)

Men are allowed to apply for any division as we do not discriminate. However the highest ranking female in the Pro Division will be sent to the PCS because of rules in that competition.

Application fee is $99.

New Categories

Exotic Dance L1 and L2 categories have been added to CPFC 2017.

Exotic Dance L1: This is an amateur level. So if you teach exotic, erotic, burlesque or similar type movement, if you have been paid for or performed professionally exotic, erotic, burlesque or similar type movement, you cannot compete at this level. There are no move restrictions as it is based on fluidity and movement not on difficulty of pole tricks. Score system will be the same as Pole Art.

Exotic L2: This level is for anyone who teaches, performs or practices exotic or erotic movement at a higher level.

Costume Restrictions for Exotic L1 and L2:

While the Exotic Category is more relaxed than the regular categories, there is still absolutely no nudity even if it is accidental. We are showcasing the art of Exotic Dance focusing on skill and movement, not the stripping aspect. Movement is erotic but not offensive. Costume removal is allowed. Props that you can carry on stage are allowed. Props may not be offensive in any manner. No G-strings, no pasties. Heels allowed.

*if you are not sure what offensive means, ask your Mom if she would feel comfortable watching you do it;)