The 2019
Canadian Pole Fitness
Regional Competitions

Exciting News! We have revamped the format for Regionals and the Canadian Pole Fitness Championship for 2019! We will have East Coast, West Coast and Central qualifiers for the 2019 CPFC.

We are also VERY excited to announce we are adding two new divisions for 2019. Doubles Aerial Hoop and Troupes! Stay tuned for registration information and more details!

For information, please contact us at:

We are proud to announce the following hosts of our Regional competitions:



Moncton, ON

February 2, 2019

Location: TBD


Strength. Community. Empowerment. We are The Studio – Aerial Arts & Fitness. We believe in everybody’s and every body’s potential to achieve the impossible. Our community of passionate instructors and students offer a safe and inclusive space for all individuals to be able to explore their own movement and bodies beyond everyday limitations. Come experience for yourself the empowerment and freedom of rising above.



London, ON

March 2-3, 2019

Location: The Pole House


The Pole House is a Pole and Aerial Studio located in the heart of London, Ontario. Our mission is to share the love of pole fitness and aerial arts by providing a safe, comfortable and fun place to develop and achieve personal skills and goals. Our 3000sq/ft studio is equipped with 20, 18ft poles and 6 Aerial rigging points, as well as 14ft x 12ft stage area that is equipped with 2, 14ft poles. The Pole House is very excited to be hosting the 2019 CPFA regionals!



Vancouver, BC

March 30-31, 2019

Location: TBD


Tantra Fitness is the Premier Pole Dance and Fitness Studio in Greater Vancouver. We call ourselves The Best because we have award-winning instructors, the largest facilities, and a tried-tested-and-true pole fitness curriculum. Whether you have two left feet or if you are a dance diva, we have something exciting and engaging. We have four studios in Greater Vancouver with a variety of class options. From Pole Fitness, Dance Classes and Aerial Arts, there’s something for you!


Applications for the 2019 CPFA regional competitions will open October 1st and end November 30th.


  • $99 Oct 1 - 14 *EARLY BIRD PRICING
  • $125 Oct 15 - 28
  • $149 Oct 29 - Nov 11
  • $199 Nov 12 - 30

* There will be a nominal confirmation fee for the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships for all qualified winners from the regional competitions and the 2018 Toronto Pro SuperShow Pole and Aerial Hoop qualifiers. – $49

Dates & Locations

West Coast – Host – Tantra Fitness
March 30th and 31st – Location TBD

Central – Host – The Pole House
March 23rd and 24th – Location – The Pole House, London, Ontario

East Coast – Host – The Studio – Aerial Arts and Fitness
February 2nd – Location TBD

The Canadian Pole Fitness Championship
Hosted by the CPFA
June 1st and 2nd – Location – The Toronto Pro SuperShow