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The Canadian Pole Fitness Association raises the bar of aerial arts learning professional competency so you’re prepared with the skills and credentials studios are looking (and asking) for.

The CPFA sets the standards that help instructors become the best they can be. If you seek external recognition of your expertise, insurance coverage and canfitpro accredited courses consider certification.

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2016 Champions

Entry Level:
2nd Runner Up: Leanna Zylstra
1st Runner Up: Jessica Marsh
Champion: Stephanie Audet

Men’s Division:
2nd Runner Up: Chris Arcand
1st Runner Up: Blake Harte
Champion: Kyle

Doubles Division:
2nd Runner Up: Jenna Dahl & Alex
1st Runner Up: Natalie & Samantha
Champion: Karen & LeeAnn

Amateur Division:
2nd Runner Up: Laurie Guerette-Arsenault
1st Runner Up: Ashley Azurite
Champion: Danielle Reed

Masters Division:
2nd Runner Up: Melanie C
1st Runner Up: Capucine Loranger
Champion: Glenny Davidson

Pole Art:
2nd Runner Up: Kishanda Vyboh
1st Runner Up: Justine Rickard
Champion: Libby Ives

Semi-Pro Division:
2nd Runner Up: Sydney Claire
1st Runner Up: Julie Leclair
Champion: Kay Nguyen

Professional Division:
2nd Runner Up: Rosalyn Mow
1st Runner Up: Anna Von Heune
Champion: Rebekah Mullen

Special Awards (Day Show):
Best Pole Tricks: Karen & LeeAnn
Most Entertaining: Rebekah Mullen
Best Dance & Flow: Stephanie Audet

Special Awards (Evening Show):
Embrace’s Best Pole Tricks: Justine
Pink Fitness Studio’s Most Entertaining: Libby
Brass Vixens Mississauga‘s Best Dance & Flow: Danielle

2015 Champions

2nd runner up Rhonda Gariepy
1st runner up Stormy Sky
First Place Jane Wilson

2nd runner up Joy And Kyla
1st runner up Jeni-Rae and Wendy
First Place Karen and LeeAnn

2nd runner up Elixia
1st runner up Danielle
First Place Kathryn

2nd runner up Rain
1st runner up Jose
First Place Chris

Semi Pro
2nd runner up Virginia
1st runner up Anna Von Huene
First Place Justine Rickard

2nd runner up Rosalyn
1st runner up Jazzy Alix
First Place Lisa Corah

Belen Kamon – Certified Pole Fitness Instructor

belenBelén Kamon has more than 12 years of experience in the fitness and health Industry. Her qualifications include personal training, pre-post natal specialist, sports and core training specialist, pole fitness instructor and educator, and nutritionist consultant. She is also a professional cook specialized in healthy eating.


With a background on engineering and sciences, she is a canfitpro fitness educator, developing and teaching fitness and health courses to other professionals.


She has been practicing  and studying all aspects of Pole Fitness since 2006, soon developing her own pole fitness education training programs and opening a studio. She participated as a board member for the Canadian Pole Fitness Association, for several years.


She is an avid traveller and continues to work with pole fitness athletes from all over the world through long distance education methods and private sessions. She is a course developer for Gravity Vertical Education, an online school oriented to pole fitness athletes and fitness professionals looking to expand their curriculums and knowledge. She offers both, pole fitness certifications courses and continuing education workshops online. Her programs have been approved by CPFA, and canfitpro among others, tested and proven to be safe, comprehensive, effective and professional.


Belén’s success relies on her ability to translate her extensive knowledge into an enjoyable, energizing, but yet challenging exercise class. With a strong focus on safe exercise and teaching techniques, she generally prefers functional training methods that use the body as resistance, developing balance and coordination skills such as Pole Fitness.


Belén is truly passionate about what she does, always finding time in her life to share all of her knowledge, dedication and love for Pole, with others. She hopes her education programs can further contribute in gaining legitimacy and recognition of Pole Fitness, within the sport and fitness industry, world wide.

Li Hewitt

LiLi opened the first pole fitness studio in Ottawa 2008 – Ottawa Pole Fitness Inc. the trend grew quickly throughout the city. She enjoys the artistic aspect and loves the combination of fitness and creativity of pole dancing. Through her own experience of learning, training and teaching pole dancing, she believes that pole fitness is for everyone regardless of age, gender or background. Li brings strength, flexibility and grace into her teaching. Her biggest joy lies in empowering women through the beauty, strength and seductive art of pole dancing. Li is also a certified Yoga teacher and advanced practitioner.

Michelle Cirullo

Michelle-21-Edit-2Michelle Cirullo is the owner and main instructor at Pink Fitness in Moncton. This will be her 4th experience judging a CPFA sanctioned event, and is very honored to be selected for the National judging panel.
She discovered pole fitness in 2008 while living in Orlando, Florida. Shortly there after she was exposed to the world of aerial arts and trained in hoop and silks with Anti-Gravity. She began teaching pole classes in 2009 where she emphasized form and safety and continues to do so with her students. She moved back to Canada in May 2010. She knew she could not live without these amazing aerial arts in her life and opened Pink in 2011.

Friendships and confidence building is the reason why she believes pole fitness is so popular and addictive. With no previous training in any form of dance or gymnastics, she wants to serve as inspiration that even pass the age of 30, that passion and determination will make you the dancer you want to be.

Tia Jackson

From the age of 3, Tia has loved music and movement. As a child she was trained extensively in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical,  acro and hip hop. She has competed in dance all across North America winning various awards and titles. Later  in life she found Brass Vixens and started taking pole dancing classes. Instantly she fell in love. After pole dancing for only one year, she was the first place champion in the amateur division at the 2014 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship in Hamilton, Ontario. Tia also won second runner up competiting in the semipro division in 2015 at and first place, for a group piece she had choreographed at The Great White North Pole Competition. Tia has been featured in music videos for Rich Kidd, The Jefferey Brothers and Gary Padrino. On top of her love of performing, she also lives for teaching. She hosts workshops such as “Erotic Pole” and “Erotic Chair”, which have been great success’. Tia has continued to pursue her dance and pole dance training by taking classes in Toronto, New York and Barcelona. She is excited to be teaching at the Pole Haus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this September and also train with some of their great instructors. Tia’s goal is to train, teach, perform and inspire.

Dani Lee

Danielle Lavoie1Dani Lee started pole dancing in 2009 at Brass Bombshells with no prior dance or gymnastics experience. Like many others, she was curious about pole dancing lessons when she was handed a flyer at her previous job and decided to enroll in the alternative fitness classes. She very quickly fell in love with the art of pole dancing and signed up for as many classes as she could and a short year later she became an instructor at the studio.

Athletic roots were planted at a young age when her mom enrolled her into swimming lessons at the local recreation centre and later into the world of competitive swimming. Dani lived to swim, it was her passion. After the years at the club, she pursued various fields of work – never feeling like she quite found her calling. Missing her athletic lifestyle she joined a gym but never fully enjoyed her time there. Pole dancing, in this case, filled this void and helped Dani reach new heights in shaping a career. The technical and tactical skills she developed from her training years at the Hamilton Aquatic Club are the heart of her teaching style.

Dani graduated with honours from Mohawk College’s Health, Wellness and Fitness program in May 2013, where many of the standards and principles she learned while studying at the college are applied in many of her classes and workshops today.  She has recently completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and is excited to explore and teach another form of movement.

Dani holds the titles of 2012 – Amateur Division – Canadian Pole Fitness Champion and 2013 – Semi-Pro Division – Canadian Pole Fitness Champion.

Mary Ellyn Weissman

MEW2012Mary Ellyn Weissman opened the first studio in the Chicago area, Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd., in 2005. She is also the organizer of the North American Pole Dance Championshipsâ and Convention, which began as the Midwest Pole Dance Competition in 2011 and is the organizer of Dance Wicked For A Week pole camp held bi-annually in Jamaica since 2009.

She was certified as a Master-Level Pole Dance Instructor through Pole Fitness Studios in 2006, and a group exercise instructor though AFAA in 2007. She then developed the first pole dance instructor certification program offered in the Midwest, which is sanctioned by the Pole Dance Community and the Pole Fitness Association.
She joined the Pole Dance Community as one of the first US studio/instructor members in 2009 and became the US Ambassador when the PDC was launched in the US in 2010. She continues to work with the PDC on international grading of students and instructors as well as promoting and developing criteria and guidelines, and the pole dance terminology committee.

In 2014 she joined the Liquid Motion instructor team and now also travels teaching workshops at studios and conventions.
Mary Ellyn continues to travel and consult, judging several competitions annually and is working with various groups on industry standards within the US, standardized terminology internationally, and consulting in the development of competition guidelines with other organizations.


Aryn Savard – Head Judge

Aryn HeadshotAryn began her active life in many types of competitive athletics.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in  Exercise Physiology from Western Washington University and began her 15+ year career in fitness, instructing group fitness and personal training.  She also earned her certification through the American College of Sports Medicine.

Aryn began pole in 2007.  Her background and years of experience lead her to create a program that was safe, learnable, and challenging.  She began The Goddess Movement in Abbotsford, BC with a passion for helping women create a strong sense of self while connecting with other women.  Aryn has personally trained and qualified many instructors and thousands of clients through her pole fitness program and has a huge passion for the safety, accessibility, and growth of the sport.

Aryn was selected in 2012 to be one of the founding board members for the Canadian Pole Fitness Association (CPFA).  She is working alongside 3 other board members to bring a standard of safety to pole classes in Canada.  Aryn’s work through the CPFA will help grow the sport in Canada through sanctioned competitions, resources for booking touring pole athletes and the creation of community events across Canada to unite pole studios and educate the general population on the sport and art of pole.

Aryn competed in bodybuilding in the early 2000’s giving her great experience in being on stage and understanding the judging process.  She was invited to sit on the panel of judges for Miss Pole Dance Canada and in 2010 was honored to be named head judge for the Canadian national pole competitions for 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  Aryn has judged at the North American Pole Dance Championships and led workshops at the Great Canadian Pole Expo and at the North American Pole Dance Convention.

Aryn has been a professional pole performer for 5 years.  She was cast in in the sci-fi t.v. show “Caprica” as a cameo pole performer and has been hired by the Inner Ring Professional Circus for numerous public professional pole performances including Smirnoff’s Party Exchange and Whistler’s annual food and wine event, Cornucopia.  Aryn creates and directs Vertical Theatre a 2-hour aerial arts show made up of performers who are students of the arts as well as professional circus performers, including Jenyne Butterfly.  Vertical Theatre is in it’s 5th year of production and generates $13,000 annually.

Aryn has coached numerous medal winning Canadian pole athletes through the past 5 years and students travel fro near and far to gain her expertise and unique coaching style to help develop individual pole skills as well as full competition and performance routines.

Aryn and her studio were both nominated for IPDFA’s Instructor of the Year and Studio of the Year awards for 2013.

Beginner Pole Dance Certification Workshop

Pole Dance Beginner Instructional Workshop with Elisabeth Magalhaes $600 + HST/$800 private workshop

April 11 (3 – 8 pm) and 12(2 – 7 pm), 2015   OR contact to book private workshop – Skype Workshops available too!

6810 Kitimat Road Unit 18, Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 1M5, 416-434-263

Muse Pole Dance & Fitness Studio

Private/Group Rate

4 CEC’s Canadian Pole Fitness Association

Requirements for final certification : Click Here

8 hours of in studio instruction (over a 1 day period) * privately booked workshops time will vary
Safety and other issues specific to pole work: keeping your clients injury free
Complete breakdown of each move including proper technique and how to properly instruct each move
Modifications of each move, add‐ons, mini combos
How to keep more advanced students interested while not leaving less advanced ones behind
How to structure you classes (week to week as well as throughout the hour)
How to build routines and combos
Liability, Sign Up, Insurance Info and sample forms
Q & A

You will receive:

A manual with instructional breakdowns of each move
A certification upon successful completion
Written Exam online with CPFA ($25 fee included)
Practical Exam to be submitted by video ($75 fee additional)

Prerequisites to attain final certification:

Current First Aid/CPR, Fitness Theory Certificate or other fitness certification
pass written and practical exam component

Vertical Theatre 2015 “Queen of Hearts”

Each year The Goddess Movement studio is transformed into an intimate theatre.  Now in it’s 5th year of production, Vertical Theatre is nothing short of the best aerial arts theatre you will see in a small venue.  Vertical Theatre 2015 brings the show “Queen of Hearts” to life.  A cast of 20+ professional circus athletes, pole artists, dancers and actors tell the sorted tale of the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.  Learn how her heart was twisted by love, relationships tainted by jealousy, the whimsy of characters about her castle and how she struggles with the familiarity of pain, hatred and evil though she is pulled by the joy and light life has to offer.  This 2 hour production is held within the walls of The Goddess Movement at 1919 Sumas Way in Abbotsford, BC.  Tickets are $65+gst for a two hour production, complete with 2 drink tickets and appetizers at intermission.  Show times will be Friday, May 8th @ 8pm and Saturday, May 9th @ 6pm or 9pm.  Tickets go on sale March 2nd and each and every year tickets have sold out within hours.  Do not delay!  Call 778-240-7879 for more details and to purchase tickets.
Have a look at the promotional video from last year’s Vertical Theatre “Elements.”

Safety and Spotting Workshop

2 hour Safety and Spotting Workshop

This can be offered via Skype, or live within my studio or again, I can travel to deliver it. It can also be booked along with the Pole Certification if I am traveling. Contact for more info

This 2 hour workshop will be lead live in the host studio. Aryn will go over important safety points for many of the advanced moves that are common to the pole sport industry. Aryn will not be teaching how to instruct these moves, but rather ways to make these moves safe through visual awareness, body physics and proper spotting. This workshop is open to instructors, students and friends/spouses of students would would like to lend assistance to their pole-er.

This workshop is best when done in pairs so that each person can spot a “student” throughout the workshop. Mats are not required for this workshop as the focus is safe and effective spotting.

Learn Safety and Spotting for These Industry Standard Moves:

  • basic inversion
  • inside leg hang
  • outside leg hang
  • boomerang
  • butterfly/extended butterfly
  • superman
  • handspring/handstand
  • elbow hold
  • layback (cross foot, cross, knee, cross ankle) shoulder mount

Once the studio deposit has been paid, the participants of the workshop are invited to suggest any other moves they would like detailed with spotting. This list of moves will need to be emailed to Aryn upon the final payment for the workhshop one week prior. If there is time available, Aryn is happy to go over any and all suggestions to make sure your studio is as safe as possible!

Commited to make the sport of pole fitness safe, fun, and flying high in Canada!

Aryn Savard 778-240-7879

Spin Pole Foundations for Instructors

  • Presented By: Muse Pole Dance & Fitness Studio with Elisabeth Magalhaes
  • Location: 6810 Kitimat Rd Unit 18 Miss, ON
  • Dates: Sunday February 22, 1 – 4 pm
  • Cost: $150
  • Contact:

Learn how to break down and teach spin pole to your students.

Discover proper progressions, modifications, proper muscle engagement, injury prevention and more.

Great for any instructors wanting to introduce spin pole to their current students in a progressive, safe way.

To register for any of the above classes, please contact.

Other workshops available.

Live Pole Fitness Instructor Certification Course – Tantra Fitness Vancouver

Presented by Tantra Fitness and Tammy Morris! Gravity Vertical Education offers a Live Pole Fitness Instructor Certification Course, October 18 & 19 2014, held at Tantra Fitness Studio – Vancouver BC.

Course: Pole Fitness Certification Course – Beginner Instructor Level

Date: October 18 and 19 2014

Location: 314 Water Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 1B6

Cost: $900 CAN

Contact: Phone: 604-738-7653, /

You will receive:
130 page Manual – hard copy
16 hours of instruction over two day period
Theory and a practical component
Post course email consultations
Theory exam – online multiple choice questions
Practical exam – video submission or live presentation
GVF Certification Diploma – Applicable towards CPFA for registration and insurance
Credits: 16 CPFA

For more details on course content and further info:—pole-101.html


See you there!

Gravity Vertical Education – Online Courses and CEC’s Workshops!

Gravity Vertical Fitness offers high quality and effective Pole Fitness Courses for instructor training and Continue Education Workshops for fitness professionals. We are the first and only online pole fitness certification course provider, offering 130-page downloadable manuals, supplementary online videos, and practical components to ensure you are ready to embark on your journey as a Pole Fitness Instructor. Start today!

Online Certification Courses: 16 CPFA CECs / 3 canfitpro CECs

Pole 101: Pole Fitness Instructor (PFI) certification course beginner level – $450 CAN total

Pole 202: Pole Fitness Instructor (PFI) certification course intermediate level – $450 CAN total

Pole 101 + Pole 202: $800 CAN total

Online Workshops: 4 CPFA CEC’s / 3 canfitpro CEC’s

Flexibility and Foam Rollers:  $49 CAN total

For more detailed information, please check out our website:

Register Now!: 

Certification Course BC

arynPole Instructor Certification Course June 28-30!

Level 1-3 June 28 & 29, 9am-5pm $500+gst
Level 4-5 June 30, 9am-2pm $350+gst

entire course Level 1-5 $700+gst

Refresher options available for all who have taken this course with Aryn in the past.

Open to all pole students, instructors or potential instructors. If you desire to teach for TGM, please contact Aryn at If you want to take this course for your own knowledge as a student, to teach in another studio, or start your own, you must reside 60+km outside of the Abbotsford area.

If you are interested in finding out more about this program, please contact Aryn at for registration, accommodation and course information.

Happy and Safe Pole-ing everyone!

Verticalove Pole Dance & Artistry Showcase


2013 Champions

1 – Nadyne Moldowan – BC
2 – Tara Meyer – MB
3 – Polina Vinogradova – ON

1 – Dani Lee – ON
2 – Jeanie Kay – ON
3 – Camila Asenjo – QC

1 – Laura Anctil – BC
2 – Stef Lim – ON
3 – Blue Sky

1 – Veronica and Diana – BC
2 – Jenny Phillips & Joel Kolenchuk – BC
3 – Christy and Megan – Atlanic

1 – Candice Prior – Atlantic
2 – Kelly Rotar – ON
3 – Rhonda Gariepy – BC

1 – Ricky Pang – BC
2 – Vincent Simon- QC
3 – TJ – MB



Spinning Pole Fundamentals-CEC’s

logoCourse / Workshop: Spinning Pole Fundamentals

  • Presented by: Live Once/Muse Fitness, Elisabeth Magalhaes
  • Date and Time: Saturday, February 8th, 2014  2-4 pm
  • Cost: $75 plus tax
  • Credits: 2 CPFA cecs
  • Location:  Muse Fitness , 6810 Kitimat Road, Unit 18, Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 1M5
  • Contact info: For more information please contact Elisabeth at 416-434-2663,

Beginner Pole Dance Certification Workshop, Mississauga, Ontario

Pole Dance Beginner with Elisabeth Magalhaes $500 + HST/$800 private workshop

Muse Pole Dance & Fitness Studio

Sunday Nov 30th, 2014  2:00 pm

4    CEC’s  Canadian Pole Fitness Association

  • 8 hours of in studio instruction (over a 1 day period) * privately booked workshops time will vary
  • Safety and other issues specific to pole work: keeping your clients injury free
  • Complete breakdown of each move including proper technique and how to properly instruct each move
  • Modifications of each move, add‐ons, mini combos
  • How to keep more advanced students interested while not leaving less advanced ones behind
  • How to structure you classes (week to week as well as throughout the hour)
  • How to build routines and combos
  • Liability, Sign Up, Insurance Info and sample forms
  • Q & A

You will receive:

  • A manual with instructional breakdowns of each move
  • A certification upon successful completion
  • Written Exam online with CPFA ($25 fee additional)
  • Practical Exam to be submitted by video ($75 fee additional)


  • Current First Aid/CPR
  • Basic Pole Dance experience is an asset

Pole Revolution presented by Hilarious Riders











Hilarious Riders will be presenting the biggest night in Pole Fitness on June 15th, 2013 in collaboration with our sponsors.
This competition will be held at the Montreal Olympia in front of 800 people.


This event will be a red carpet event an different personnalities have already confirmed their presence.
Doors will be opening at 19h00
Show will start at 20h00


The night will be filled with performances by Pole Fitness professionnals from Montreal, Québec, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and B.C. Breathtaking performances by Dominic Lacasse (the Flagmen) and MonsterPop ( So You think you can Dance Canada / War is War / Juste debout (France))


Our judging panel will be compose of:
-Crystal Lai ( ) Miss Pole Fitness Canada 2010, International Guest Judge – Pole Battle Brazil 2012
-Suyin Monette ( pole dance instructor / Grand Ballet Canadiens )
-Dominic Lacasse ( ) the Flagmen / 2 Guinness records holder


Hosted by the one and only Bruno Ly (from de Les Mercredi 100% Humour à L’Abreuvoir) and supported by the CPFA (Canadian Pole Fitness Association)


Come support us and the Pole Fitness schools. Many gift will be offer on site. Get your tickets today only 800 available.
Location Olympia, Montreal ,QC, Canada


Competition registration: Costs and Point of sales: 30$ Balcony level 40$ Floor level (cabaret) Admission outlet, by phone at 1-855-790-1245 or on At the Olympia Box


Canadian Pole Fitness Championships

The CPFA Canadian Pole Fitness Championships will be held on October 5th, 2013 at Novotel in Mississauga, Ontario.  This will be in conjunction with the Great Canadian Pole Expo.

The Championships will be hosted by Muse Fitness and sponsored by XPole.

The Early Show: 5:30pm t0 8:00pm – $35  Amateur, Masters & Doubles

The Late Show: 8:30pm to 10pm – $55 Professional, Semi-Pro & Men


The Convention is a spectacular two day event that will host workshops, free seminars and vendors.   Learn from some of the best instructors in Canada and the US including Jamilla, Fawnia, Allison Sipes, Prana, Crystal Lai, Charlee Wagner, Veronica Solimano, Nadyne Moldowan, Maiko Star and many more!

The Canadian Pole Fitness Championships will also be held on the Saturday night.  All of this under one roof at the Novotel in Mississauga Ontario.  Don’t miss this amazing first annual event!!

Alberta Pole Fitness Championships

Atlantic Pole Fitness Championships

The CPFA Atlantic Pole Fitness Championships will be held on August 17th, 2013 at the Casino Nova Scotia.

It will be hosted by Studio in Essence.

More details and ticket info coming soon!


Casino Nova Scotia
1983 Upper Water Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia

For more information contact:
Studio In Essence
Christy at

Deadline for applications is July 1st, 2013!

Championnat Québécois de Pole Fitness

The CPFA Quebec Pole Fitness Championships will be held on September 12th, 2013 in Montreal Quebec.

It will be hosted by Alternative Fitness.

More details and ticket info coming soon!

British Columbia Pole Fitness Championships

The CPFA British Columbia Pole Fitness Championships will be held on August 10, 2013 at The Columbia Theatre in New Westminster.

It will be hosted by AVA Fitness (formerly Polenastics).

More details and ticket info coming soon!