• Tops must not show excessive cleavage.
  • At the sternum, it is recommended that there be at least 2 inches minimum coverage from the bottom of the costume to the top (this refers directly to the section at the center of the chest).
  • Costume top should not show any side breast exposure.
  • Any accidental or intentional exposure of the nipple or areola can result in immediate disqualification.
  • No pasties.  Breasts must be covered 3/4 and no accidental wardrobe malfunction.
  • An appropriate costume bottom should provide 2/3 coverage of the gluteus.
  • The “type” or “brand” of bottom/short is not the determining factor for its acceptance as an appropriate costume bottom, the amount of coverage it provides IS.
  • If a right angle is drawn from the gluteal cleft vertically (marked at 0 degrees) and the gluteal fold horizontally (marked as 90 degrees), the angle of coverage provided by the shorts may be NO LESS than 60 degrees.
  • A one inch inseam is required, unless the costume fully covers the gluteal fold.
  • If there is any intentional or accidental exposure of the genitalia or gluteal cleft, it is can result in immediate disqualification.
  • You may wear Brazilian cut (i.e.: Bad Kitty Brazilian), but thongs or g-strings are NOT allowed.  No more than 10% of the bottom part of the Gluteal Cleft is allowed to show
  • No accidental wardrobe malfunction.
  • Costume is defined by any part of fabric, adornment, or accessory that begins on the body at the onset of your routine.
  • The only items that may be removed from your costume are those items that are above the collarbone (sunglasses,
    hats, capes, scarves, etc.) and below the knees (socks, leg warmers, ankle bracelets, etc.)  With these EXCEPTIONS: **Pole Art: any type of clothing can be removed as long as what is underneath still follows guidelines for other divisions. **Exotic Pole:  may remove clothing as long as what is underneath follows regulations for Exotic Pole costuming.
  • Shoes are not allowed at any time, nor are they allowed to be removed prior to starting or at any time during the routine. ** With the EXCEPTION of Pole Art and Exotic Pole
  • If any item unintentionally falls off your costume, it is NOT considered “removed” and will NOT be considered for