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    LOCATION: Brass Bombshells

    Address: 480 Brant St, Burlington, ON L7R 2G4

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    DATES: Sat, Oct 14 & 21, 2017

    4-9pm each day

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    INSTRUCTOR: Elisabeth Magalhaes

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Private/Group Rate

This program is designed to make you the best instructor possible.  It will focus on not only how to be an engaging and inspiring teacher, but also knowledgeable and safe.  When you are finished this course you will have the skills to teach beginner students of all shapes and sizes safely, progressively and effectively.  The course content is taught so that you can easily apply it to your current knowledge base whether you have been teaching for years or you are brand new. You will learn how to identify different learning styles, and adapt to them as well as how to offer modifications when working with pre-existing injuries or limitations.  You will understand how to put together warm ups, break down skills, trouble shoot problems and stretch out participants. You will gain the knowledge to create your own classes and curriculum.      This material has been tried tested and true and we promise, will be the best decision you make for your career!

  • 10 hours of in studio instruction
  • Consists of theory and practical
  • Over 50 beginner pole moves
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Anatomy/Body mechanics  in relation to pole dance and pole fitness
  • Muscles recruitment
  • Core engagement
  • Safety: keeping your clients injury free
  • Complete breakdowns of each move including proper technique and how to troubleshoot
  • Modifications of each move
  • How to build a curriculum
  • How to develop safe progressions (week to week as well as throughout the hour)
  • How to build routines and combos
  • Liability & Insurance

You will receive:

  • A manual with photos and instructional breakdowns of each move
  • A certification upon successful completion
  • Written Exam online with CPFA
  • Practical Exam to be submitted by video ($75 fee additional)
  • 4 CEC’s Canadian Pole Fitness Association
  • 4 CEC’s CanFit Pro

Prerequisites to attain final certification:

  • Current First Aid/CPR, Fitness Theory Certificate or other fitness certification
  • Pass written and practical exam component


Requirements for Final Certification