These apply to all the rules and regulations governing the participation in Canadian Pole Fitness Association (CPFA) sanctioned Provincial and National Level Pole Fitness Competitions. These rules and regulations are subject to change. Please check with the CPFA Board and your Competition Host for any changes prior to your competition.

Exception: Toronto Pro Supershow 2018 is open to competitors from all provinces of Canada.

  • An applicant may apply for more than one division but must do so under only ONE Provincial Competition.
  • Applicant must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident and must apply to compete in the province in which you currently reside. If the province in which you reside does not host its own Regional Competition, you may submit to the competition hosted in the province next closest to the one in which you reside.
  • Applicant must submit an application through the CPFA website including all the criteria listed.
  • CONDUCT: Competitor will conduct themselves professionally, respectfully, and with good sportsmanship at all times prior to, during, and following all CPFA sanctioned competitions. Competitor will respect all other competitors at all times.
  • RULES AND REGULATIONS: Competitor will comply with the rules and regulations of the CPFA at all times.
  • MANDATORY MEETING ATTENDANCE: Competitor will attend the mandatory meeting the day of the competition, or potentially forfeit their right to compete.
  • SIGNATURES REQUIRED: Competitor will sign a release form as well a a copy of the rules and regulations.
  • MEDIA COMMITMENTS: If needed, competitor will appear on television, radio, film or print media for the publicity and promotion of the competition.
  • BRANDING APPROVAL REQUIRED: Competitor is asked to respect competition sponsors by not wearing any logos other than those of the approved sponsors while on stage.
  • ‘CLEAN’ COMPETITION RULES: Competitor will not consume any alcohol or illegal drugs prior to or during the competition.
  • MUSIC: Competitor may choose their own music for the competition which should be a maximum of 5 min (no minimum). Doubles max of 6 min. Music must be free of profanity or suggestive lyrics.
  • PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE: Competitor agrees to look, dress, and act professionally.
  • CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Competitors may not communicate on competition day nor share accommodations with member of the judging panel before or during the competition.

* When a competitor’s music doesn’t play fully or skips due to DJ error, a competitor may:

  1. Finish their routine without music (possibly affecting musicality marks)
  2. Ask the music to be cued again and start routine from the beginning right away
  3. Let the next competitor go, then re-run routine from the beginning
  4. Wait until the end of the line up in their division and re-run routine from the beginning

* In all cases except #1, judges are required to disregard ALL previous scores and score the competitor from the beginning of their second run as if they first run never happened.

*For falls greater than 6 Feet:

  • No matter how the competitor landed (head, feet, or back) the competitor is immediately attended to by a qualified first aid attendant and their routine is not evaluated or considered for placement.
  • Due to the unsafe nature of falls greater than 6 feet, the competitor is in essence disqualified from the competition.

*For falls under 6 feet landing on the head or neck:

  • The competitor is immediately attended to by a qualified first aid attendant and their routine is not evaluated or considered for placement.
  • Due to the unsafe nature of falls with impact on the head and or neck, the competitor is in essence disqualified from the competition.

* For falls under 6 feet, landing solely on the back or any other body part other than the head or neck:

  • If the competitor can recover and chooses to continue their routine without stopping, they are allowed to as long as they do not appear to be physically harmed or limited by injury, if they cannot continue, they forfeit their spot in the competition.
  • It is NOT an option to allow the competitor to stop their routine and start over, if capable, they must continue without stopping the music

* Visible bleeding:

  • If a competitor is bleeding but the blood does not transfer to the pole or floor causing the surface(s) to be unsafe, the competitor can continue
  • If a competitor is bleeding and the blood is creating dangerous situations to their grip or movement, the judges will ask the competitor to stop and the scores will stand for the competitor ONLY to the point at which they were asked to stop. The competitor WILL NOT be allowed to re-attempt their routine.

These items in addition to the ones listed in previous sections can lead to disqualification during the competition:

  • Acts of masturbation or other indecent behavior is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to perform the show nude or partially nude even it is accidental. The coverage of your costume is clearly outlined in the section labeled “Costume Regulations” and all attempts must be made by the competitor to adhere to proper bodily coverage during their performance.
  • A competitor may not converse with the audience or judges at any time during their performance.
  • The Art of Pole Fitness is the focus of all CPFA sanctioned competitions. As such a routine should be focused on fitness and artistic presentation, not on overt sexuality or suggestive seduction. Sexual suggestions are defined as movements that are explicitly erotic or seductive in nature. Pelvic grinding whether on the floor or on the pole is not acceptable. Circular movements of the hips and shoulders along with body waves when used as tasteful, classy accents to a routine ARE acceptable.
  • Touching, spanking or caressing/grabbing the breasts, buttocks or crotch area is not allowed.
  • If the organizers feel you are intoxicated or unsafe to perform due to ingestion of drugs or alcohol, you will be immediately disqualified.
  • Music may contain NO profanity or overtly suggestive lyrics. It is the responsibility of the competitor to review the entire song and make sure it complies to this rule. Any song that is found to contain profanity or suggestive lyrics on stage at the competition will automatically disqualify the competitor.
  • All competitors must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner showing grace and courtesy to event organizers, CPFA board members, fellow competitors, and event/staff/volunteers.
  • There will be a fine of $250 plus disqualification if you are found to be sandbagging (choosing a division that you know you are a higher level than, in order to win a title).
  • There is a $300 fine for withdrawing from any CPFA competition without a doctors note citing medical reasons.
  • Alter the rules at any time.
  • Disqualify any athlete in any CPFA sanctioned provincial or national event who is in breach of the rules, terms or code of ethics.
  • Disqualify any judge who is in breach of the rules, terms or code of ethics.
  • To audit, for any reason, any judging, performance, or score card for any competitor or division in any CPFA sanctioned event.
  • To make real-time decisions on any events/occurrences brought to light which are not already addressed in the rules, regulations, and code of ethics prior to, during or after any CPFA sanctioned event.


  • The “Canadian Pole Fitness Champion” title is officially valid for one year.
  • The CPFA reserves the right to retract the title if the winner causes any damages to the organization or its representatives.
  • In the case of retraction, the 1st runner up becomes the new Canadian Pole Fitness Champion and will represent the CPFA as such in any following opportunities.
  • The Champion may compete each year to defend their title.
  • The Champion shall not at any time thereafter commercially exploit the title in any way whatsoever.
  • The Champion shall conduct themselves with decorum during their reign and shall NOT commit any immoral, illegal or acts of behavior which, in the sole opinion of the CPFA could bring disrepute, ridicule, or contempt to the image or reputation of the CPFA and the competition it represents.
  • The Champion shall not appear in print or video pornography during their reign.
  • The Champion cannot represent two countries at the same time. As the Canadian Pole Fitness Champion, you may compete in any world competition representing Canada only.
  • As the winner of the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships, you are not obligated to compete in a World competition and can do so at your own will. We do not endorse any specific World competition.
  • Only the First Place Winner of the Professional Division of the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships wins an invitation to the Pole Championship Series (PCS), sponsored by X-Pole and held in conjunction with the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.


  • All finalists must be available for a photo shoot immediately following the announcement of the official winners.
  • The CPFA expects the prize winners to cooperate with the promotion of the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships event and activities.
  • Dressing rooms and backstage areas provided at CPFA sanctioned competitions are off limits to family members or friends of the candidates. Makeup artists, organizers, therapists and press are the only individuals permitted access.
  • By participating as a competitor in any CPFA sanctioned competition, you are automatically agreeing that you have read the contents of all the rules and regulations and you are in agreement to all items listed.
  • For delegates and the winners of the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships, violation of the terms and conditions of this document will result in disqualification and removal of any given title/placement.
  • For delegates and winners of the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships, determination by the CPFA that any of the representations made in your Application Forms, this agreement, and/or any other information you supplied in connection with the event prove to be false and/or inaccurate will result in disqualification and removal of any given titles/placement.