2020 CPFC Freestyle Pole Battle

Who will be the Freestyle Champion this year?


Qualifying roundStatic Pole – 2 competitors – 40 seconds each, 2 rounds alternating

FinalsBoth Spin and Static Poles – final 2 competitors with the highest scores overall have 1 min 20 seconds to battle it out to win their respective title!


Please read full details below

Rules for the CPFC Freestyle Pole Battle

  • The organizers of the CPFC Freestyle Pole Battle is the Canadian Pole Fitness Association
  • Competitors must enter by January 26th, 2020
  • Competition is open for men & women
  • This competition is open to all applications space permitting


  • The battle will be judged by the following criteria : Creativity, Technique, Improvisation  – Each criteria is worth 5 points (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest) providing a maximum of 15 points per judge, per competitor (45 max points)  We will also have a panel of judges choosing who had the “Best Flow”, was the “Most Entertaining” and had the “Best Tricks”.  – These are separate awards from the Freestyle Battle Champion award.
  • The competition has two rounds – 1st is the qualification round and 2nd is finals. The number of battles in the 1st round depends on the number of competitors. Only the the final top 2 in each division move to the Finals.
  • In the Qualification round athletes compete on static pole.  For Finals the competitors must use both spin and static.
  • In the Qualification round, competitors have 45 seconds x 2 to perform,  in the Finals, competitors have 1 min 20 seconds to perform.
  • Competition pairings will be done after applications close and will not be announced until the competition. This will be done by random draw.
  • Competitors can upload 2 songs at the time of application.  Not all sent songs must or will be chosen, however, the complete potential song list will be up on the website and Facebook group after the applications have closed so that all competitors can see them.
  • The time of the first competitor in each battle starts with the beginning of the song.When the song is playing, the time is running. After the beep (= the signal for changing the competitors on the stage) sounds the song continues and the other competitor  begins dancing when it beeps again, the first competitor starts again and finally, after the last beep the second competitor finishes her round.  It means that song is not stopped and it is not started from the beginning.
  •   Each competitor is on their own pole and both competitors remain on stage for the duration of their battle.
  • The song is not interrupted (instead of “beeps“). If the song ends earlier than the time limit for the battle, the song will repeat from the beginning

BEEP – Competitor A – BEEP – Competitor B – BEEP – Competitor A – BEEP – Competitor B – BEEP = END of the battle

  • The songs played will be from the ones uploaded by competitors.  Uploading music does not guarantee that you will dance to the songs you selected.  They will simply be added to a playlist that will randomly select a song for each battle.  The list of these songs will be made public so competitors can see what they “may” end up dancing to.

Terms of participation in the CPFA Freestyle Pole Battle

  • Competitors must fill in and send an application form (on the website) by January 26th, 2020. The organizer contacts the fastest applicants + two standbys.

Entry list of competitors

  • A list of the selected competitors will be posted on the website after the deadline for entries and electronic invitations will be sent to these competitors with further instructions.
  • Two participants will be invited to the pole battle as reserves. All regular CPFA rules apply regarding withdrawal.

Gripping & Cleaning

  • Competitors may use grips just on their body but NOT directly on the poles. The poles will be cleaned after each pole battle, never in the middle of the battle. The only exception is the situation when the last battle must be run in three (if the number of the competitors is not even-numbered). The cleaning crew starts clean the pole right after the first routine when the second athlete is competing.

Dress Code and Props

  • Heels are allowed – no boots higher than ankle.
  • The bottom part of the outfit must cover the competitor’s bottom – (must follow CPFA competition rules for all regular divisions).
  • The upper part of the outfit must only be sports-type clothing
  • All decorations must be fixed on the costume (non-detachable) and no added accessories and/or props are permitted (including but not limited to props such as hats, canes, etc.)
  • A violation of these rules may lead to disqualification