There are many CPFA certification courses to choose from, please visit our Upcoming Certifications page to find details.

You can become CPFA certified without taking a CPFA certification course.   Here are some of the situations that you may still become certified.  If you are:

* Self taught but have been teaching pole or Aerial Hoop
* Learned by taking classes
* Have gymnastics training
* Have Aerial or Circus training
* Have taken a certification course not approved by the CPFA

If you are in one of these situations and you want to become a CPFA certified Pole Instructor, you will still have to follow these steps:

  1. Possess a current CPR/First Aid certificate. (prices vary)
  2. Have taken Fitness Theory (and provide a certificate, prices vary)
  3. Have a minimum of 20 teaching hours.
  4. Challenge the Exam ($200)  Downloadable Study Guide (PDF)
  5. Get evaluated by a Registered Pole/Aerial Hoop Fitness Leader or send in your video to the CPFA for evaluation. ($75)
  6. Register with the Canadian Pole Fitness Association and you will be listed as a qualified and educated Instructor in your area which is good for one year. ($45)
  7. Use your membership number to apply for 2,000,000 professional liability insurance that will cover you wherever you go starting at $275 a year.

For more details, please view our Become Certified page!

Once you have become a CPFA certified Pole Fitness Instructor you will be listed on our site under Certified Instructors so that people can easily find you!  This can be great for job references or for promoting your services.

All CPFA certified instructors must follow our Scope of Practice.

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  1. Hi! I was wondering if ACE Personal Training Certification can be considered in place of fitness theory? I meet all the other requirements

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  2. Hello,

    I am interested in the pole certification course to become an instructor.

    I am from Newmarket, Ontario.

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      Hello, thank you for your message. We just had a course in Ontario last month and will be running courses in Ontario in the new year, end of February. If you are interested in starting right away, you can complete our online course if you like. visit http://www.cpfa.thinkific.com to register and for information

  3. Good evening, I am wanting to know the exact location in Ontario the pole certification will be held? Please be advised I am from Toronto and I am looking for something close by. And how frequently they are held here? Thank you

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      Hi Juliana, the next Ontario pole certification is this weekend (Sat April 6th , 9 -5 pm) at the Pole House in London Ontario.
      We just had a Beginner Pole course in mississauga ontario last month. There is still room in this one coming this weekend if you want to join it. The next on will not likely run until the Fall.
      Thank you

  4. What fitness theory courses are approved to use to apply to become certified without taking the CPFA certification course? (ACE, etc)

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      Fitness theory is separate from the certification course. You can challenge the exam without taking the pole certification course, but you also need to have fitness theory as a min. Ace, canfitpro, pilates or yoga certifications etc are valid as substitutes for the fitness theory requirements. Email us for more info. info@canadianpolefitnessassociation.com

  5. Wondering if someone who was certified with PFIC in Alberta would be eligible for certification without the course as well?

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