Competitor Showcase Performer Letter and Forms

Hello 2019 CPFC National Pole and Aerial Hoop Competitors and Showcase performers!

First of all, congratulations on making it here!   You should be very proud 

Second, I want to make sure that your experience at the 2019 CPFC is a great one.  That being said, this email is full of very important information that you will need to help make it so.

I will separate the topics to make it easier to follow.  If at any point you have questions or there is something that was not covered, please feel free to ask.



The competition will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center inside the Toronto Pro Supershow Expo

255 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2W6



Please ensure you join the competitor Facebook group for up to date info on the competition and to ask questions etc.  This is the best way for us to communicate information going forward:



Parking is not free in Toronto unfortunately.  There is paid lot and underground parking available as well as many parking lots in the immediate area.  Please allow for enough time to find parking to arrive for your competitor meeting.

Here is a link for the MTCC parking


Hotels, travel discounts:

Please see the following link:



Saturday and Sunday June 1st and 2nd, 2019

**Mandatory Competitor meeting – 8am**


Rehearsal times (start 9 am both days) –Please see this document link for your time – all competitors have 3 mins for rehearsals – there are no pole cleaners for this time, however, spray bottles and cloths will be available if you would like to use them.  Do NOT miss your scheduled time as it cannot be made up.



Please see the following document for all start times of each division for both Saturday, June 1st and Sunday June 2nd as well as competitor order.

 ** Please note that the Freestyle Battle will not be in the order listed in the document, you will receive a different schedule day of, please be ready to go at the stage at the start time for the battle.

All competitors MUST be at the meeting at 8am*

 This is mandatory for everyone who is competing (please select one meeting. you do not have to attend both)

  This is where we will collect your waivers, tech sheets and will explain how the day will go as well as answer any questions you have.  Missing the meeting is an auto disqualification

All showcase performers need to attend a meeting as well to hand in all documents unless other arrangements were made directly with the organizer.  You will receive your badges for entry at this time as well.  You will also need to hand in all forms just like competitors.

This meeting will be held a room on the main floor of the MTCC – room number TBD.




 Please fill out the personal information sheet and send back with your music by May 1st, 2019 – please save it with the file as follows:


“division”, “stage name”, Personal Sheet

so, it will come in as a word doc saved as (example)


Amateur, Lisa, Personal Sheet


** Please bring rules, tech sheets, waiver and photo/video release printed and signed to the meeting to hand in.  You will NOT be able to rehearse, compete or receive your badge without these items handed in – all documents can be found attached to this page



* Even though you will email me your music in MP3 format, please bring a usb with just the song you are using for competition and keep it backstage with you for back up! 


* Please remember that iTac is NOT allowed at all for the competition (or any other grip aid which is similar - uses a form of wax or similar)

* Any grip must be put on your own body as grip will not be applied to the poles.  The poles will be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. ITAC is NOT allowed

* Spin pole is stage left (so when you stand on stage and look out at the audience, it will be to your left)

* poles will be 8 feet apart and 14 feet high - they will be 45 mm competition grade xpoles

* aerial hoop will be a 36-inch diameter (interior), 1-inch thick, hollow steel with the spanset choked directly onto the hoop.  It will have a 4-foot spanset with a swivel at the rigging point.  The hoop itself will be approx. 5 foot 8 inches to - 5 foot 10 inches off the mat.

Competitors do not pay to get in and neither do human props.  Please ensure you send any names of human props you have for nationals so they will also have badges ready for them to enter the expo.  You will receive your badges at the meeting.

* The backstage area is curtained off just as always at the pro show.  Please note there are no formal change rooms, but you can use the washroom etc. for this.

* there will be an xstage at the xstage booth but not backstage

* Please provide your own food, snacks and beverages.  

* Only competitors and other people associated with the competition are allowed back stage or in the meeting room, no trainers, family etc.

*Please see attached final competitor list.  Ensure you are listed in the correct division and your stage name is correct.

Rules, Regulations and Additional Information

This information is available on the website.  Please make yourself familiar with these items. The pre-recorded competitor meeting can be found on the Facebook page linked here.  If you have trouble finding it, let me know and I will tag you on it.

This workshop is usually $20 but is free of charge this year and I highly recommend that you attend so that you are clear about everything! 



We will only introduce you with your name (stage name), province and studio you represent (if you choose to name one) and a brief bio.



Please see the flyers attached to book services.  Please note that bookings must be made by May 15th the latest.

** Please note that Alexandra is only available for Hair on June 1 and Harp with Sassy styles is available June 2.  Renee is available both days for makeup.



 We will have an official videographer and Photographer so there will be absolutely no photography/filming allowed.  I will post packages in the Facebook group.


Rehearsal Prior to the Competition

The order can be found in a link above. You will have 3 minutes to test out the apparatus and stage.  5 seconds to get on and 5 seconds for the next competitor to come up (included in the three minutes).  There will not be any pole cleaners for rehearsals.

For aerial hoop, you will have a chance to test the apparatus when we switch over from poles to hoops You will have the same amount of time as the pole competitors.  Mats are mandatory for Aerial Hoop Competitors and showcase performers.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding anything at all.  I want to make sure you have a great time and can be relaxed and just think about your performance with no additional worries.

*** please note that all times are tentative as during competition, times can change, schedules change. Please ensure you are ready well ahead of any allotted times.  Also, it will be impossible to give firm comp start times to each person, so it will be imperative you are available to be on stage well ahead of time.

Thank you again and see you all in June!  Happy training.

Elisabeth Magalhaes and the CPFA Competition/Certification Team


Showtime Schedule
Rehearsal Schedule
Other Competitor Information
Hair and MakeUp Services

Personal Sheet and Music (due May 1st)

Tech, Waiver,Rules, Photo/Video Release forms due at competitor meeting

Photography and Videography Packages
Technical Specs and Additional FAQ's