I’m a pole and aerial passionate since 2012. I began competing after only 9 months and fell in love with it. I’m also one of the owners of Studio parallèle in Quebec city, my second family. I can’t wait to see everyone's performances!<3



Anneke discovered pole fitness in 2012. This fitness and art form became her passion quickly, as she grew to explore all areas of aerial arts - and in as many continents as possible! Anneke loves to take her passion internationally, whether that be for training, competing, or earning teacher certifications. She has competed on both regional and international stages and has performed throughout the Maritimes. Her specialties and interests include dynamic and strength-based tricks, exotic pole, and flexibility training. She is also the owner of The Studio - Aerial Arts & Fitness and the East Coast Master Trainer for the CPFA.



Pole dancing for over 10 years. CPFA certified pole fitness instructor, teaching at Brass Belles Mississauga and Live It Up Pole Fitness.

Participated and medaled at numerous local and international pole dance competitions.

Judged international Pole dance competitions in Central Asia, CPFC 2019, PSO Canada East 2019.



Saskia is a pole dancer, competitor and instructor based out of Montreal, Canada. In 2019, Saskia’s dance adventures included her sharing the stage with rap artist Snoop Dogg as one of his recurring pole performers during his '25 years of Doggystye' tour.

Saskia’s awards also include her placing 2nd last year in the PSO Canada East Level 5 Exo competition as well as her securing the crown of “Erotic Star” at the Erotic Pole Star competition.

Saskia is currently developing new workshop offerings for online and in-person learning. Passion and community are central to Saskia’s practice, and she is always delighted to welcome new students, teachers, and friends into her pole family!



Betty is an experienced performer and instructor, and has been competing since 2012 in both pole and aerial hoop.

Most recently, she won first place in the 2019 Aerial Hoop 2 National Championships, and the Best Tricks award in 2018.

She is a CPFA Online Academy workshop presenter. Betty is currently the Pole Program Manager at Brass Butterflies in Waterloo, Ontario.



Maya first started teaching movement as a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) and then did aerial teacher training Nimble Arts. Her background as a yoga teacher informs her approach to aerial training, focusing on body awareness, mobility, functional movement, and acceptance.

Maya currently teaches Hoop, Hammock, and Silks classes up to the Advanced level and manages the Aerial Program at Brass Butterflies in Waterloo.



Elisa grew up as a singer/musician but quickly fell in love with pole dance at her first class in 2008. This love grew to aerial arts when she started training on Lyra and silks in 2009.

A natural-born leader, she opened her first pole studio in 2010, but found the job too demanding and sold it a year later. She spent the next few years bartending and gogo dancing at night, and training during the day.

In 2015 UV Pole Fitness was born and has recently grown to Second Sky Circus Arts. Before the pandemic, Elisa was performing professionally with dance and circus companies all over the province and misses the crowds dearly. Due to the pandemic, Second Sky has not yet opened to the public.

Elisa continues to train and teach virtually, patiently waiting to ignite the movement world with this new venue.



Nicole Malbeuf is a mover and maker living in Peterborough ON. Nicole’s background in fine art, fashion and gymnastics evolved into an ecstatic passion for aerial arts in her young adulthood. She has been a performer and performing artist for the last 6 years, working in aerial disciples of all kinds - silks, hammock, lyra, pole-hoop, invented apparatuses and hair suspension. She owns and operates Trellis Arts & Entertainment and coaches aerial arts and acrobatics across Ontario.

Her aesthetic sense, musicality, keen eye for technique and overall enthusiasm for expressive physical outlets make Nicole an excellent judge of performance and ally in artistic and athletic development.



For Irina being trained in competitive rhythmic gymnastics for 7 years and classical ballet for 3 years, after trying pole for the first time was like coming home. She started teaching various levels of Pole classes and performing at the studio showcases and local events almost right away.

With 7 years of Pole dancing behind her belt and a Gold Medal in Exotic Pole dancing, Irina is also a co-producer of the biggest Comedy and Pole dancing Festival in Toronto. What Irina especially values in dancers - is an ability to mesmerize the audience along with refined dancing skills.



Jen started poling in August 2015 and lyra in April 2016. She is a tricks-seeker, drop-splitter, forever spinner, dynamic movement enthusiast with a determination and discipline to do everything equally on both sides. With 10 years of Kung Fu under her belt, she realized that pole sport is equally as challenging and even more satisfying. Pole allowed her to explore power, strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

The CPFA Toronto Pro Supershow opened her eyes to competitive pole in 2017. She placed first in Dramatic Level 4 at PSO Canada East 2018. She was a judge in PSO Canada East 2019 for multiple categories and levels.



I started pole dancing in July 2014 and have never left the studio. In 2016 took a a huge jump and purchased the studio at the time known as Brass Bombshells. A year later we rebranded and became Brass Beauties. The Studio is my home and my family.



Joanne fell in love with pole after trying it for the first time in 2012 – and has never looked back since! Joanne began teaching pole January 2014, and loves the support within the pole community, and the progress she sees in students!

Joanne is thrilled to be part of the vibrant Redefine Fit family and is always thrilled to represent the studio <3



My Name is Shannon Champagne, I am one of 4 master trainers for the CPFA and a Mother of 2 Strong little amazing boys. I am Energetic, Goofy, Fun, Dedicated and pretty badass. I am that woman who has your back and wants you to always succeed! I fell in love with this sport over 10 years ago and have been operating my own Studio in Cornwall, Ontario for 8 years. Nothing makes you feel as strong and as empowered as this sport and am very proud to be part of this wonderful team!



Kathryn currently instructs at Pole Fitness Kingston, and has over six years of instructor experience at a number of studios in Canada. She has competed as a professional on a national and international level. She strives to teach her students to embrace healthy self-expression through dance, and hopes to share her passion for the sport with them.



Lady Kori received a multidisciplinary education in both the visual and performing arts including formal training in theatre, Classical and Jazz Ballet, and West African, Modern and Contemporary dance. Her professional training has also included flexibility, barre, conditioning for dance, and lyra. Kori has worked as an administrator and manager within the Toronto pole community for many years and is currently a proud member of staff at Vitality Pole Dance and Fitness Studio, teaching beginner to intermediate pole dance, choreography, flexibility, burlesque, and erotic floor and chair dance. It is her joy and honour to share her passion for pole and she is grateful for the opportunity to participate in these proceedings. Best wishes and congratulations to all the competitors!



Whitney is a corrective exercise specialist and a certified personal fitness trainer. She is a workshop presenter and the master trainer of flexibility for the Canadian Pole Fitness Association. She has taken on roles as master trainer and lead instructor at different studios across Canada in her 7 years in the pole industry. Whitney has competed on national stages in pole as well as judging competitions in North America over the past 3 years.



I first started Pole 5 years ago, falling in love. From there I learned Lyra and began teaching both aerial arts. I now have a 11 month old daughter, and can't wait to teach her all I know, sharing in my passion for the sport.



I have been pole dancing for about 8 years, and teaching for 4. I love dancing in my 8 inch heels! Teaching sensual choreography is my absolute favourite. I have only competed once in 2019, but have trained other competitors throughout the last few years. I love everything about pole and can’t wait to judge my first ever pole competition.



I am from Regina, SK. I’ve been a pole athlete for seven years and am the current reigning CPFA Canadian Champion. I’ve been teaching for a couple years now and I absolutely love sharing my passion of this beautiful art with others. I’ve been known for my elegant lines and pointed toes.



Owner of Body Evolution Studios since 2015, Pole dancer since 2012, born to dance Jacqueline was put into Peter Stantons School of Dance at a young age, and the moment she feel in love with dance and movement she never looked back.



Emilie is one of the co-owner of Studio Parallele in Québec city. She's been poling since 2012 and really enjoy sharing her passion to her students, making sure they are training safely (both sides!) She took a break from competing to complete her studies in physiotherapy.



Has been in the Aerial Arts industry for over 15 years teaching Pole/Lyra/Aerial Yoga. Has a passion for all things aerial and constantly enhances her skills by attending various pole camps around the world. Has performed for many studio events throughout the years and for the last 8 years was the Coordinator at Pole Expo Las Vegas.



Anna is an avid pole & aerial enthusiast and coach from Montreal, Quebec. She has been performing since the age of 11 in various aerial disciplines. Anna currently coaches and trains in her studio AcroPark near Montreal. She is a certified pole & aerial sport judge since 2018 and has judged a wide array of artistic and sport competitions.



Tina has been instructing and competitively coaching in all disciplines of pole, silks and lyra for over a decade. Proud owner of 3Sixty Dance & Fitness in Ottawa, ON since 2017. She has certified, judged and volunteered with CPFA, PSO, IPSF and POSA at central regional and national events since 2018 to keep current and comprehensive knowledge. Tina placed 1st in Artistic Level 5 at PSO 2019 and can’t wait to see everyone at in-person events soon!



Amanda is a pole fitness and aerial hoop instructor at The Studio Aerial Arts and Fitness. She began pole fitness eight years ago, and immediately fell in love. She has previously competed in the CPFA, placing second in her category. In her spare time, she enjoys video games and hanging out with her dogs.



After trying her first pole class in 2013, Jade knew it was the form of fitness and dance she needed in her life! A quick three years later, she opened her own studio and Aerial Warehouse was born. AW is PEI's only aerial arts facility and they are so proud of it! This incredible Canadian pole community has been a way for her to connect with the rest of the upside down world - she has participated as a judge in ECPC 2016 and CPFA regionals in 2019, she also participated as a competitor in the 2019 CPFA freestyle battle as well as POSA recognized CPSAF competition in 2018 where she placed first overall!



Tia has nearly two decades of dance experience. A trained dancer with a passion and appreciation for the art of Erotic Dance. Tia is best recognized for her slow and sensual flow. She loves sharing her knowledge of technique while still giving space and freedom for people to explore organic movement. As a proud co-owner of Vitality Pole Dance, you can find Tia teaching there, online. You can stay up to date on her classes and workshops by following her