The 2021 Virtual Canadian Pole Fitness and Aerial Championship


We are very excited to present the 2021 Virtual Canadian Pole and Aerial Fitness Championship June 5 and 6.  We have three amazing shows for you over these two days and over 140 incredible competitors.

The shows will be divided between Classic Divisions, Artistic & After Hours Divisions and then Aerial Divisions.

The Classic Divisions Competition: Saturday June 5, 2021  -  1:00 pm EST (show running time aproximately 3.5 hours)

Entry, Amateur, Men, Masters, Semi-Pro, Pro

Please see the line up HERE

The Artistic & After Hours Competition: Saturday June 5, 2021  -  7:00 pm EST (show running time aproximately 3 hours)

Pole Art, After Hours Pole 1 & 2, After Hours Floor Work, After Hours Sofa/Chair and The Directors Cut

Please see the line up HERE

The Aerial Competition: Sunday June 6, 2021  -  12:00 pm pm EST (show running time aproximately 3 hours)

Aerial Hoop 1 & 2 , Aerial Hammock 1 & 2

Please see the line up HERE

You can purchase tickets for single shows or an all access pass.

Awards will be announced at the end of each show.

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2021 CPFC Divisions

Semi Pro

Pole Art
After Hours Pole 1
After Hours 2
Aerial Hoop 1
Aerial Hoop 2
Aerial Hammock 1

Aerial Hammock 2
After Hours Floor

After Hours Chair or Sofa

The Directors Cut