1. Formally submit your concerns using the form accessible on our website
  2. A CPFA representative will contact you regarding your submission via email to clarify any details
  3. If the concern presented is deemed suitable to audit a division or other, this will be formally announced to those it concerns (competitors in this division, judges involved)
  4. Score sheets will be pulled, judges will be interviewed and official footage of the performances in question will be reviewed by a panel of CPFA officials.
  5. Once the audit has been completed, the results will be communicated to the parties involved and if this results in standings being changed, this will also be communicated at this point.

  1. Competitors have up to one week from the date they receive score sheets to file a concern
  2. Audits can take anywhere from 24 hours to 7 business days to complete.

** Submission of an audit request does not confirm an audit will be conducted.

Some things that may qualify for a division to be audited would be as follows:

  1. Marks deducted for restricted moves are in question
  2. Points marked for missed tricks seems inaccurate
  3. Disqualification in question
  4. Scores do not seem to add up
  1. Poor sportsmanship

  2. Misunderstandings regarding how divisions are judged