* Props are allowed if they are a compliment to your theme or character.

* Props that are considered their own performance art (hula hooping, poi, nun-chucks, etc.)  are NOT allowed.

* A prop must be carried on and off stage by the COMPETITOR and must take no longer than 30 seconds to place and remove.

* If your prop is separate from your costume, the competitor may pick it up and set it down as many times as they wish throughout their performance.

* A competitor is not allowed at any time for any reason to throw/distribute in any fashion glitter, feathers, leaves or any other small objects as they post a safety risk (quality grip/slipping) not only to the competitor using it, but also the competitors to follow.

* Human props are allowed for regular divisions but must be approved.  They cannot dance or do acro with the competitor ( or anything the would be considered adding to the performance dance-wise).  They cannot at any time touch or dance on or with the poles.  They CAN act or move as long as it is minimal.  A human prop cannot be used in a sexual manner ( or interpreted as sexual).  This will result in immediate disqualification.  All human props must be pre approved.

* Props must be submitted for approval a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the scheduled competition date.  Please send prop approvals to



* If a prop is to be used in a competition routine, a video must be submitted no later than 3 weeks prior to the competition.

* A video no longer than 30 seconds must be made describing how the prop will be used with a short demonstration of its use.

* Once received and reviewed, the competitor will receive confirmation via email that the prop is approved or that it will need to be changed/replaced and a new deadline will be sent.

* Upon approval, the information will also be sent to the competition host. At this time the prop cannot defer from its original use or purpose or the competitor can be subject to disqualification.