A “prop” is defined as anything that is not attached to your body.

All props must be submitted to the CPFA by the posted deadlines. When submitting your props to the CPFA, you must write a brief description of all your props, including the full names of any human props.

Human props are allowed. Human props may touch you, but not the pole. Judging will be based on your skills and abilities only, and not the skills and abilities of the human prop. Human props must be 18 years of age or older. They are required to sign a waiver of liability before participating in the show.

If you use props without approval, you are subject to disqualification or point deduction.

To ensure the safety of our attendees, if you hit anyone with your prop (ex. Throwing it into the audience), that is grounds for disqualification at CPFA’s discretion.

Human props are allowed to enter and exit the stage during the performance, but may not enter or exit from anywhere other than the sides of the stage (ex. jumping off the front of the stage is not allowed).

Whether you place and clean up the props, or a volunteer places and cleans up the props, the prop placement must only take a maximum of 30 seconds and prop removal must only take a maximum of 30 seconds.

No potentially hazardous props are permitted (i.e. if a substance is left on the floor, pole, or performance area, or could potentially harm spectators or other competitors). Props depicting illegal drug usage will not be allowed. Any usage of substances should not be the focal point of a routine and as this is a subjective rule, any prop should be used with purpose.

Late fines for prop descriptions are a cumulative $10 per week late or fraction thereof, and an additional $50 if submitted less than 48 hours in advance of the start of the competition.

Props that were not approved will result in either a 10 point deduction or disqualification if deemed a safety hazard.

Props that are approved must be provided by the competitor.  The CPFA will not provide props for competition.

* Props must be submitted for approval a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the scheduled competition date.  Please follow the link below to submit your prop/s for approval.




* If a prop is to be used in a competition routine, a video must be submitted no later than 3 weeks prior to the competition.

* A video no longer than 30 seconds must be made describing how the prop will be used with a short demonstration of its use.

* Once received and reviewed, the competitor will receive confirmation via email that the prop is approved or that it will need to be changed/replaced and a new deadline will be sent.

* Upon approval, the information will also be sent to the competition host. At this time the prop cannot defer from its original use or purpose or the competitor can be subject to disqualification.