Lollipop Lyra 101

  • LOCATION: Online through Zoom

  • DATES: Saturday, March 6, 2021

    Time: 1-2:30pm EST


  • COST: $30

  • No refunds for courses and workshops


Designed to satisfy both the poler and aerialist alike, the lollipop combines both disciplines to produce a new type of artistry and a more accessible, at-home aerial option. Did you buy a Lollipop during quarantine? In this workshop we will cover the in's and out's of this hybrid apparatus, help you translate your existing vocabulary from your pole or aerial practice onto the Lolli, and work on skills that are unique to this ground based hoop including entries, spins and more!

Eman is a professional circus artist and performer based in Toronto and has performed Lollipop Lyra for film and television productions, weddings, and venues such as Goldie, Lavelle and Ink Entertainment.