• LOCATION: A Lil Pole Fitness

    Address: 8 Second St W, Cornwall, ON K6J 1G2

  • DATES: Sun, Feb 3, 2019


  • INSTRUCTOR: Shannon Champagne

    Instructor is bilingual in French & English

  • COURSE FEE: $299

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Are you a studio owner or instructor who would like to incorporate lap or chair dance lessons for your students but do not know how to do so? This course will teach you exactly how to not only do a chair or lap dance, but how to teach a successful, informative and fun workshop to others.

In this 3 hour course we will cover the following:

  •  Warm up
  • Body isolation’s
  • How to do basic floor work: walks, crawls, wall slides, figure eights, basic rolls, peels, getting up and down, body slides and more
  • We will also cover things like attitude, how to dress, shoes, eye contact, body language, music selection, clothing removal and more.
  • Use of different pieces of furniture – chairs, floor, walls, sofa, bed, tables etc., and how to incorporate these into your dance
  • Discuss dos and do nots
  • How to get over nerves and feel confident
  • Learn different routines and have participants create their own to develop individual style and creativity.